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08 Oct 14
Meridian Wireless Internet Connect Alarm
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Since 1974 we have manufactured security products renowned for their reliability, ease of installation and ease of use.


Manufactured in New Zealand using high speed SMT production lines, our products have a superior build quality and offer a rich set of installer and end user features.

Our broadband connect alarm products are recognised for their innovation, design excellence and customer value.

Micron exports products to more than forty countries worldwide.  In our export markets we have established a reputation as a New Zealand company manufacturing state-of-the-art security technologies.

At micron we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing quality, world class security products that are reliable, cost effective, easy to install and easy to use.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for over 40 years.

Broadband Connected Alarms

Following a multi year research and development investment, our new range of broadband connect alarm technologies are attracting worldwide interest from consumers and businesses moving to VoIP and Fibre Optic networks.

The EC-11 Alarm Server upgrades any existing alarm to broadband for those converting to fibre optic or VoIP network connections.  EC-11 will convert any brand of legacy PSTN network connected alarm to broadband for monitoring to central stations or to smartphones using SMS text messaging.

Micron’s EC-11 alarm server is designed for ease of installation and offers a very cost effective plug-and-play broadband upgrade option for legacy alarm technology.

The Meridian range of broadband alarms offers all the benefits of digital IP security with easy to understand smartphone App alarm control.  Meridian can also be installed as a PSTN alarm, future proofed for broadband connectivity, without the need for a hardware upgrade.  Meridian's on board wireless receiver is standard for a well-priced range of wireless input devices.

The PowerBrick range of Telco approved power servers provide IP conversion for legacy alarms as well as a fully featured sixteen zone IP alarm, integrated into a broadband gateway power solution that maintains fibre internet access and VoIP telephone support during power outages.

For new housing and commercial developments, where fibre is now the default option, Micron’s Meridian and PowerBrick broadband alarms have many innovative benefits for the installer and the end user, including very intuitive smartphone and keypad Apps.



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