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08 Oct 14
Meridian Wireless Internet Connect Alarm
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The Meridian 8 and Meridian 16 are native internet connected alarms that can communicate via multiple internet connections and/or PSTN copper networks.

Programmable reporting provides internet, PSTN and SMS text reporting from one integrated alarm platform.  Routers with 3G enabled offer a further reporting path.

Meridian is supplied as an eight or sixteen zone alarm and can be configured with wired and wireless input devices, without the need for upgrade modules.  Wired and wireless zones can be connected in any combination.

The alarms have six individual outputs, one of which can be used to reset multiple internet gateways when alarm reporting is compromised by a router communication fault.

The Meridian IP alarm panel can be quickly and easily configured using the web accessed graphical user interface which is qualified for Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, iOS and Android.

For the end user, Apple and Android Apps provide a very simple and intuitive interface for alarm control.




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